Interview with the World Champion

November 29, 2017

1. For the fourth time World champion. How does it feel? Do you have now a bit time to enjoy your victory?

 Yes, after the event in china I  had a bit holidays for a few days, but now it’s time to prepare for the next season.

2. Did you always know that you want to be a professional FMX rider?

    Yes!! I was always thinking about being a professional rider, but never could imagine to be world champion four times in a row.

3. Which  trick was your favorite in 2017?

  Almost all of my tricks but in 2017 especially the lazy flip and one flair combo.

4. What do you think which other rider could be a dangerous competitor for you next year and is maybe able to take over the title?

 A lot of rider are dangerous for the next season. Year by year it is more difficult to win, but I think for the next season I have to watch out for David Rinaldo who won in China.


5. How did you develop over the last 4 years as a  FMX world champion?

  I developed a lot. I’m a different rider year by year. I have more experience and understand better my mentality for the work on my FMX skills.

6. Are you working on a new trick for the next year? Maybe a frontflip?

 Yes I was practicing the last few years on new tricks. I’m ready for the next season and I want to show a new level of FMX. 

7. This year two new rider started at the NIGHT of the JUMPs. What do you think about the skills of Ryan Brown and Brayden Davies?

I think it is good for the championship to have new talents on the track.

8. In China you didn't win the competition. Did you relax a bit as soon as you knew the title is yours?

The first day in china was quiet important for me. My priority was to make a good round so I could win the title. On the second day I was motivated to make a good round and maybe win the competition, but unfortunately I had a few problems before my round and I couldn’t give a 100% to make a safe round. (It started to rain a little bit when I started my round...)

9. Do you have some new years resolution?

 This year has been good for me, but im sure that the best of me is yet to come.  




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