NIGHT of the JUMPs Oberhausen 2017

November 23, 2017


The most extreme FMX sports series of all time celebrates a world premiere in the König-Pilsener-ARENA:

The World Team Championship


On December 9, 2017, the NIGHT of the JUMPs will storm the König-Pilsener-ARENA Oberhausen with a World Premiere. For the first time ever, the world's longest running Freestyle Motocross sports series will host a World Team Championship. Three teams will compete against each other, collecting points for the overall team ranking in various contests and disciplines. The nation with the most points accumulated during the competition will become the new World Team Champion of the NIGHT of the JUMPs.



NIGHT of the JUMPs is celebrating their return to the city of Oberhausen, Germany after a 14 year absence. For the comeback and the World Premiere of the World Team Championship, the series will fly in their best extreme sport athletes from around the world. Team Australia will star Pat Bowden of Brisbane and Ryan Brown of Melbourne, and will also  be joined by Javier Villegas from Chile, making up the Overseas Team. The Overseas Team will journey 44,697 kilometers in order to compete in the World Team Challenge. Pat Bowden is the undefeated Whipmaster of the NIGHT of the JUMPs, as well as having already won silver at the Nitro Games in Salt Lake City, and most recently at the Australian SX Open in the Best Trick with his Front Flip combo tricks. Ryan Brown already has under his belt the First place trophies from the Red Bull Farm Jam and Xpilots in Monterrey. Javier Villegas was FIM FMX World Champion in 2011, and won multiple X-Games medals as well as taking out podium positions at the Red Bull X-Fighters. After a more than five year absence from the  NIGHT of the JUMPs Javier Villegas will return to join his Southern Hemisphere comrades in the battle against the European Teams: Czech Republic and Team Germany.



Team Czech Republic is looking strong, consisting of Libor Podmol, Martin Koren and Matej Cesak. Podmol held the FIM World Championship title for 2010 and has been five time World Championship runner-up. Martin Koren has been a stalwart for many years in  the FIM World Championship series and impresses with his savy proficiency. Matej Cesak is Czech's new young  up and coming talent, who also gained international experience by competing in the Xpilots series.



Of course Team Germany, led by the three-time world record holder and youngest ever NIGHT of the JUMPs winner Luc Ackermann,  should not be missed. At the age of 19, the Thuringian stood for the first time on the top of the podium, winning the Night of the Jumps Hamburg event in June this year, consolidating on his Silver placed position at the European Championships two years earlier. Luc is supported by his team-mate and older brother Hannes, a four-time German FMX champion who also placed fifth in the 2012 FIM World Championship. Two years ago Hannes spingboarded onto the World Cup Podium in China, as well as winning the NIGHT of the JUMPs Hamburg event. The German team is rounded out by new-comer Christian Kleiner, winner of the 2017 Flight Club Young Talent Series who will celebrate his premiere on the NIGHT of the JUMPs course in Oberhausen.



In addition to the Freestyle of the Nations Contest, in which the athletes will present their best eight tricks in a 90 second time limit, viewers will also witness the LifeProof Best Whip Contest, where all riders will fly through the air in the König-Pilsener-ARENA at the same time, performing thier greatest and most spetacular Whips. In the Synchro Competition, each nation will present two athletes who will simultaneously showcase their toughest trick in the most synchronised perfection possible. In the Best Trick Contest, one rider from each country team competes and shows off his most difficult trick. The team with the most cumulative points at the end of these four disciplines will be crowned the NIGHT of the JUMPs Team Champion.


Team Australia / Overseas will be a sure fire favourite, but the well heeled Czech Republic team including Podmol and Koren, brings both expertise and experience in the  NIGHT of the JUMPs competition series. With thousands of home crowd spectators adding thier passion and support, Team Germany led by Luc Ackermann will be sure to bring out their best performances, in order to bring down the house and keep the World Team Championship trophy firmly in their homeland.


A gigantic pyrotechnic and laser show along with  the buggy-backflip-attempt by the Austrian Gerhard Mayr, as well as the Freestyle mountainbike riders are further spectacular highlights not to be missed in the König-Pilsener-ARENA.




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