Luc takes maiden win at NIGHT of the JUMPs Hamburg

October 5, 2017


Hamburg, June 3rd 2017: With a thunderous crowd behind him, Luc Ackermann ran rampant on the NIGHT of the JUMPs course in Hamburg to take his first ever win at NIGHT of the JUMPs. The local German Wunderkind put together some of the biggest tricks in the sport to knock Libor Podmol off the Hot-Seat which he had held for almost the entire top 6 final in front of a 7,000 strong crowd.


The 6th round of the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Tour Championship started with a strong rider field including the three time reigning World Champion, Maikel Melero (ESP) and three time former World Champion, Remi Bizouard, who would be seeking redemption from his disappointing result in Munich. Also the 2010 former World Champion Libor Podmol, would look to continue his points haul for the 2017 World Tour Championship while David Rinaldo is returning after missing the stop in Munich.


The crowd in Hamburg were treated to an incredible display of Freestyle Motocross when the first three riders to compete all brought a California Roll body varial. Kai Haase landed his first California Roll after his crash 2 years ago, while Filip Podmol was lucky to hold onto his attempt and make it through to the top 6 final. Unfortunately Leo Fini wasn’t as lucky with his California Roll to finish in 9th place.  More impressively, 8 out of the 11 starting riders performed a body varial which proves how high the level of Freestyle Motocross has been pushed at NIGHT of the JUMPs.


It was a disappointing result for Pat Bowden who delivered a spectacular run including a huge Ruler Flip and Rock Solid Backflip but not enough to make it into the top 6 final, despite Libor Podmol making a mistake of missing a Cordova Flip in his run and only managing to fix his mistake in time.  The judges decided the Double Grab Flip and Rock Solid Flip combined with the two Tsunami Flip combinations were repetition of tricks and points were deducted. Remi Bizouard, Maikel Melero, David Rinaldo and Luc Ackermann would make it through the qualification to the Top 6 Final.


The LifeProof Best Whip competition would be turned up a notch when Pat Bowden used his obvious disappointment from missing out of the Top 6 final to throw some of his signature Turndown Whips to beat the German rider, Kai Haase. For good measure, Bowden threw in a huge Ruler Flip for the Hamburg crowd before his night was over.


Kai Haase returned from his second place in the Best Whip competition to try take the top spot in the Maxxis Highest Air competition. Battling against the veteran and reigning World Champion, Massimo Bianconcini, Haase pushed Massimo to the height of 9.50 metres before the Italian champion was able to eclipse the height on his second attempt and take the win in Hamburg. 


The Podmol Brothers opened the Top 6 final with the younger brother Filip riding first. Opening his account with a flat Nac-Nac 360 spin, Filip was riding solid until he landed heavily on his Surfer take-off to Tsunami Flip to re-injure his ankle. The injury was enough to end Filip’s night and he was not able to complete his run. However, the older brother, Libor came out and performed the exact same trick that injured Filip, landing his Surfer take-off Tsunami Flip and continuing to put together an impressive run with his Cliffhanger Flip, Super Can Flip and finished with the Volt body varial.


While Libor was watching from the top of the Hot-Seat, Remi Bizouard put together an impressive run, beginning with his new trick, landing the Flair 540 travelling from right to left. Bizouard pulled out all the stops when he stomped a clean Cliffhanger Flip followed by a huge Tsunami Flip and also utilising the second Quarter Pipe to land the Egg Roll. But it wouldn’t be enough to make it to the podium even with his Volt body varial on the Double Up.


Maikel Melero suffered the same fate as Bizouard, while bringing a body varial and utilising two quarter pipes, he was unable to pick up the points to surpass Podmol. David Rinaldo had a stand-out run with one of the smoothest runs including a huge one-hand to Double Grab Backflip, California Roll and Egg Roll. Rinaldo’s smooth style was enough to make it to 3rd on the podium and signal a return of the former World Champion.


After qualifying in first place, the roar from the Hamburg crowd appeared to make the difference for the final rider, Luc Ackermann. The pressure was on the 19 year old from Thuringia however he kept a calm approach while performing the biggest tricks in Freestyle Motocross. After landing his huge signature Surfer take-off Tsunami Flip over the long distance, the rapturous crowd could not get enough when he landed the 540 Flair and finished with the California Roll. After one of the closest finals at NIGHT of the JUMPs, Ackermann would finish on top of the podium for the very first time in history and push Libor Podmol back to second place.


NIGHT of the JUMPs will now enter the Summer Break and return with the first overseas event of the season later in 2017 to continue the longest running Freestyle Motocross sports series in the world.



Video link Best Tricks NIGHT of the JUMPs Hamburg:




NIGHT of the JUMPs

Hamburg, 3rd June 2017

Results NIGHT of the JUMPs – Final

1. Luc Ackermann                       GER     DMSB              Husqvarna       424 Points

2. Libor Podmol                          CZE      ACCR               Yamaha           405 Points

3. David Rinaldo                         FRA      MA                  Yamaha             401 Points

4. Remi Bizouard                        FRA      FFM                Kawasaki           397 Points

5. Maikel Melero                        ESP       RFME              Yamaha             392 Points

6. Filip Podmol                           CZE      ACCR               Yamaha            177 Points


Results Qualification

1. Luc Ackermann                       GER     DMSB              Husqvarna        360 Points

2. David Rinaldo                          FRA     MA                  Yamaha              352 Points

3. Maikel Melero                         ESP     RFME              Yamaha               350 Points

4. Remi Bizouard                        FRA     FFM                Kawasaki             347 Points

5. Libor Podmol                          CZE      ACCR               Yamaha            336 Points

6. Filip Podmol                           CZE      ACCR               Yamaha             335 Points

7. Pat Bowden                              AUS     MA                  Yamaha             329 Points

8. Petr Pilat                                CZE      ACCR               KTM                   326 Points

9 Leonardo Fini                           ITA      OSK                 KTM                   319 Points

10. Brice Izzo                             FRA     FFM                Yamaha                282 Points

11. Kai Haase                              GER     DMSB              Suzuki               280 Points



Results LifeProof Best Whip Contest

1. Pat Bowden                              AUS     MA                  Yamaha

2. Kai Haase                                 GER     DMSB              Suzuki           


Maxxis Highest-Air

1. Masssimo Bianconcini ITA      PZM                KTM                9,50 Meter

2. Kai Haase                                 GER     DMSB              Suzuki            9,00 Meter

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