Only 4 riders remaining in the first ever e-FMX World Championship series

Hosted by NIGHT of the JUMPs on the brand new mobile game, TiMX : This is Motocross, we are almost at the finish line!

You can find the Facebook Live Stream on either NIGHT of the JUMPs or Extreme’s Facebook pages on Saturday Night, 21:00 CET (UTC+1) Check for your local Time Zone.

The two head-to-head battles will be something else, as the real gamers have been found from the initial 16 best riders from around the world.

Battle 1: Matej Cesak (CZE) vs Pedro Moreno (ESP)

Battle 2: Josh Sheehan (AUS) vs Pat Bowden (AUS)

With the support of FC Moto, the entire series is being streamed live for free on Facebook. In fact, the game is also Free to Play.

Throughout the Qualifying and Quarter Finals, these 4 riders have consistently dominated their opponents in the Virtual Freestyle Motocross competition on the specially designed NIGHT of the JUMPs track which looks so lifelike within the TiMX Game.

  • Matej Cesak – One of the Young Guns from Czech Republic, Matej has appeared many times at NIGHT of the JUMPs and I feel we will see much more of him at the real FMX World Championships

  • Pedro Moreno – Has consistently been training his backside off for the video game in FMX but also in Real Life! Pedro has a huge bag of tricks on dirt as he does in virtual reality!

  • Pat Bowden – Nitro World Games Champion. He controversially beat Sheeny by playing the Judging System against the Unicorn. Can he do it again in this round of competition on TiMX?

  • Josh Sheehan – There’s not much to say. If you don’t know Sheeny’s name by now, I don’t think you ever will. The Unicorn. The only man to land a Triple Backflip on a Dirt Bike. Ever! Oh, X Games, X-Fighters, NOTJ Winner. And all-round legend!

The developers of TiMX came to Berlin, the home of NIGHT of the JUMPs, to model the course design exactly on the World Championship event and the stunning eye to detail can be seen in the track background.

Not only is the care and detail in the track, but the tricks these characters are performing in game. If you weren’t looking closely, you would be forgiven for thinking you just watched Josh Sheehan throw his signature Ruler Backflip, or Pat Bowden has just landed the biggest Cliffhanger Backflip in real life. When actually in digital form, they look identical to the riders in real life.

If you visit you can Get a Reminder for the Live Stream now, and it will load up automatically once we begin for this Saturday night!

If you would like to watch the previous Qualifying and Quarter Final episodes to see what all the fuss is about in eSports for Freestyle Motocross, you can tune in here:

Quarter Final:

Qualifying 1:

Qualifying 2:

Press Area:

You can download each 1-minute clip from Teamplace!

NIGHT of the JUMPs and Teamplace have teamed up to make it easier for distributing all of this video content. We are using Teamplace to create the entire video, between the riders, the commentator and video production teams. In the middle of the Covid-19 change to work-flow, this has been an incredibly good time to begin this new work structure.

Teamplace e-FMX World Championship folder access:

Big News – Want to play this special level?

What is even cooler, now it is possible for VIP members to be able to play this special track which has been designed purely for this eSports competition.

All you need to do is become a Gold VIP, and with all of the other benefits including a Weekly Salary of 20,000 coins, No Ads, Unlimited Fuel and Scrub Energy, you also get the first rides on ‘Early Access’ tracks!

You can play for free here: