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Night of the Jumps - Zone 4

Team Germany with the latest World Champion and X Games FMX Gold medallist!

Germany has been one of the most dominant countries in the Freestyle of Nations series. Regularly standing on the podium, it has been difficult for any other nation to beat Germany across all of the disciplines combined.

Luc Ackermann has been on fire recently - winning the first Red Bull Dirt Diggers competition in 2019, landing the first Double Backflip to Dirt EVER. Before becoming the World Champion in 2019 at NIGHT of the JUMPs. In 2021, he has started the year at the top, becoming the first German rider to win X Games Freestyle Moto with the Gold Medal.

Hannes Ackermann, the older brother who taught his brother almost everything, Hannes is never scared to try some of the world's biggest tricks. Ond of the toughest competitors out there, Hannes has had some huge injuries, but still bounces back and he's ready to go in '21.

Kai Haase, the most naturally gifted 2-wheel expert in the German team, has competed in almost ever two-wheel motorsport event he can in 2021. Flat Track, Speedway, Enduro, Hard Enduro and even Downhill MTB racing. With so many disciplines under his belt, Kai is ready to throw down in Basel.

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