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Night of the Jumps - Zone 3

Team France with 2 World Champions!

One of the toughest teams on paper, Team France will be so hard to beat for Germany and Spain. The Captain of the team, David Rinaldo is the new innovation king in FMX with a recent X Games Gold medal with the Malakai Flip (backflip body varial - Cali-roll) in 2019 and in 2021 landing the only innovative trick at X Games with the new body varial, the Bobby Spin. Not to mention, David is the 2013 World Champion at NIGHT of the JUMPs!

However, with 3 World Championships at NIGHT of the JUMPs, Remi Bizouard is back and ready to show why he was champion so many times! An original innovator of FMX, Remi has been busy in the foam pit to get ready for this weekend!

The dark-horse of the French team is Maxime Gregoire. Maxime has his own unique style and tricks, which sets him apart from the rest of his team and also the competition! Wait until you see what he can do on the Quarter Pipe!

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