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Night of the Jumps - Sofia 2019

Everything is on the line for the Freestyle MX Season Finale

On Saturday, December 14th 2019, the exciting season finale of NIGHT of the JUMPs will be brewing. 10 of the world’s best Freestyle Motocross athletes from seven nations and three continents, will fight for the last championship points on offer in the Arena Armeec in Sofia, Bulgaria.

After a four-year hiatus, motocross fans in Bulgaria will again experience the spectacle of Freestyle Motocross action live in the nation’s capital. The last time the world’s longest running FMX sport series was in Sofia was the 2015 series and in 2019, FMX fans can look forward to the thrilling final fight for championship points at the final contest of the season.

Throughout 2019, Luc Ackermann has dominated almost every event of the year, after taking wins at X-Knights in Costa Rica and then winning the very first Red Bull Dirt Diggers Freeride fusion event, Luc also wants to wrap up the full NIGHT of the JUMPs tour. With Front Flips, Flairs, Surfer Flips and Double Backflips, he has won all the NIGHT of the JUMPs events in 2019 with the only exception of Zurich. Now he wants to finish the season with another win and become the full 2019 champion.

With a 3-way battle for 3rdplace, the current place-sitter is Pat Bowden from Australia, who will be looking to finish his year on the podium. It won’t be an easy task for the Australian, who will need to bring every big trick in his repertoire inside the Armeec Arena, as he has one of the legends of FMX riding close on his coat tails in Adam Jones (USA) who is currently sitting in fourth position and only a handful of championship points behind. The American has landed on the podium at all four NIGHT of the JUMPs contests he rode in 2019. Jones will be wanting to finish his season with a perfect podium position at every event, hopefully enough to overtake Bowden and all while showing those huge tricks like the incredible Deadbody Flip.

The 3rdcontender for the overall 3rdposition in 2019, is Filip Podmol, the younger brother of the 2010 World Champion, Libor Podmol, who is in fifth position. The Czech rider has significantly improved his runs in 2019 and has even took his first podium in Daqing, China. With his recent run of success and potential big tricks, Filip will need to hold his nerves if he is to succeed in Sofia.

Fellow Czech rider, Petr Pilat, will be returning to NIGHT of the JUMPs in Sofia. The former European Champion had an up-and-down year with injuries and will be looking to prove in Sofia that he’s back in the game.

The 2010 runner-up World Champion, Brice Izzo, will be looking to surprise the 9 other riders in Sofia. Unable to battle for an overall series podium, Izzo won’t be going easy with his eclectic list of tricks and will look for a Top-6 result. It’s the same focus that Hannes Ackermann will be looking for at the last contest of 2019 as well. With his Front Flip Nac-Nac, he made it directly into the finals in Munich and Zurich. However after his huge crash in China and then again in Hamburg, Hannes will be looking to resurrect his season’s results and again show that he is still one of the world’s best riders.

Representing Spain, Marc Pinyol will make his return to NIGHT of the JUMPs. The Spaniard invented his own signature trick, the “Inside Roll” body varial. However, the past few years have seen Pinyol battling with injuries and bad luck. Will his return to Sofia be the come-back he’s looking for?

For the first time in many years, there will be two Italians competing at the same NIGHT of the JUMPs FMX contest. Leo Fini has been on fire in 2019, perfecting his style while learning some of the biggest tricks in FMX. While fellow Tuscan rider, Davide Rossi will be ready to show why he’s part of the next generation of FMX riders coming up and will complete the starting field at the season finale.

The atmosphere will be electric in Sofia, with some of the sports newest young guns who are risking it all to break into the top echelons of the sport, and the fans of Sofia will witness the action live.

If you’re unable to make it to Bulgaria for the final round, you can still watch the nights competition on NIGHT of the JUMPs TV LiveStream here:



Luc Ackermann (GER)

Pat Bowden (AUS)

Adam Jones (USA)

Brice Izzo (FRA)

Petr Pilat (CZE)

Hannes Ackermann (GER)

Filip Podmol (CZE)

Leonardo Fini (ITA)

Marc Pinyol (ESP)

Davide Rossi (ITA)

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