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Night of the Jumps Germany 2019

The World’s biggest FMX sport series will storm three cities in Germany in 2019.

In 2019, the German crowds will be on the verge of needing medical help from repeated heart attacks as the best riders return to NIGHT of the JUMPs with the biggest tricks in the sport like the Double Backflips, Body Varials and Ruler Front Flips inside the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Berlin (22/23 February 2019), the Olympiahalle in Munich (26/27 April 2019) and the Barclaycard Arena in Hamburg (21 September 2019).

More than 1 million visitors in Germany alone / more than 3 million worldwide

Over One Million fans have witnessed the biggest tricks in Freestyle Motocross from the best athletes of NIGHT of the JUMPs.  Since 2001, the world's best-known and longest running FMX sports series has been hosted in Germany.

World Champions, European Champions and the German FMX Wunderkind

NIGHT of the JUMPs is the original and the only series in Europe on Dirt.  It is only here, where the riders show their toughest tricks in the fight for the FIM World Championship. In 2019, there is the best rider field ever. Filled with FMX world champions such as Maikel Melero (ESP) and Libor Podmol (CZE), Nitro Games champion like Pat Bowden or X Games Gold Medal winners like Rob Adelberg (AUS).  The crowd will be treated to the biggest tricks in the sport such as the California Roll, the Rock Solid Backflip, the Cordova Egg roll and the 540 Flair.

The German FMX prodigy and reigning European champion, Luc Ackermann will also fire his spectacular tricks at NIGHT of the JUMPs in Munich. Luc’s huge array of tricks include the 360, Surfer Tsunami Flip, Flair, Egg Roll, California Roll and the Double Backflip - the 20-year-old Thuringian native wants to win the 2019 World Championship title after coming so close in 2018.

500 tons of dirt + gigantic new ramps and landings

Also in 2019, the largest dirt-playground will be built in the German arenas, with more than 500 tons of dirt. For the first time, a 5-meter-high dirt landing will be built, enabling completely new tricks on the Quarter Pipe. Of course, the fans will see the Double Backflip again, but also the Front Flip will make its premiere in Germany. In addition, for the first time, the new Next Generation ramp will be available in Germany, which catapults the riders even higher and further into the air and enables completely new combinations of tricks.

The biggest tour ever

Since 2006, NIGHT of the JUMPs has been the official FIM FMX World Championship. Only in this series, which was founded in 2001 by the two Germans Marko Manthey and Jörg Hotzel, the official Freestyle Motocross World Champion can be crowned and heroes of the sport are born. In 2019, the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Tour will be the biggest series of all time. The longest running FMX sports series in the world will host the World Championship competitions on three continents, and in countries including Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Germany, Indonesia, Philippines and Poland.

Spectacular side events and new pyro-show

NIGHT of the JUMPs has never been so exciting and packed with extreme sports. The Best Whip Contest will feature up to six riders who will throw their biggest whips, turn-downs and turn-ups under the rooves of the German arenas. In the new Synchro Contest, riders will perform the biggest tricks side by side to find the best team. The Freestyle Mountain Bike riders will also throw their biggest tricks onto an inflatable landing. The German YouTube star, Lukas Knopf, plus his friends from the MTB Slopestyle scene will throw everything they have. For the fans, a completely new pyro and light show will keep everyone enthralled in the action with the creators of NIGHT of the JUMPs producing a sound and visual feast to kick off the World Championship event.

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