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New Ramps at Night of the Jumps 2019

All eyes will be on the new ramps at NIGHT of the JUMPs in 2019, which have the possibility of completely changing the competition landscape at the FIM Freestyle MX World Championship with the riders potentially landing tricks never before seen.

In 2018, NIGHT of the JUMPs introduced the USA styled Super Kicker, which although has been around for many years, there were only a handful of riders who utilised this super kicker for Double Backflips.  It was only when Luc Ackermann, the young German rider decided he was ready to unleash the Double Flip at the World Championships, that NOTJ introduced the new ramp onto the course.

With the Double Backflip, along with Luc’s other huge tricks including the 360 (over both a superkicker and long distance, and coupled with a Nac-Nac combo) Surfer take-off to Tsunami Flip, Luc really made an impact on the World Championship season, pushing Maikel Melero all the way until the very last round of competition. If Luc didn’t crash, he could have possibly won the World Championship to become the youngest ever champion.  

With one new ramp, Luc broke the judging system and changed the nature of NIGHT of the JUMPs competition forever.

By the end of the season, the final round to be hosted on European soil, David Rinaldo from France arrived with his very own Front Flip mechanical ramp.  Although it was never planned for competition, Rinaldo decided to stomp the very first Front Flip to dirt in NOTJ Qualification and then a Front Flip Tsunami in the Final!  In one year, both Ackermann and Rinaldo completely turned the competition upside-down at Night of the Jumps.

In 2019, NIGHT of the JUMPs will include both the Double Flip Superkicker and Front Flip Mechanical ramp, with the ramp plans freely distributed to all of the riders, so that it can create a standard in those dimensions for all riders wishing to compete in the World Championships.  

Going one step further and looking to the future, NIGHT of the JUMPs will also introduce the new Next Generation 8.5 metre radius ramp which was designed by one of the legends of the sport, Levi Sherwood from New Zealand.

Levi has spent years developing his new ramp design, with a handful of variations before he found the best results on the 8.5 metre radius.  Although the ramp stands at 3.5 metres high (an intimidating 70 centimetres higher than a normal ramp) the amount of extra air-time will enable riders to perform new tricks, while also making even standard tricks look even better.

Levi has proven that Double Backflips are now finally possible over 23 metres (75feet), while Tom Pages quickly returned fire after stomping a seemingly effortless Front Flip over 23 metres, without the use of a mechanical drop. While Rob Adelberg and Jackson Strong have landed the Real Front Flip without any mechanical help, perhaps this new ramp will make the Frontie just a little bit easier. We will have to wait and find out from the horse’s mouths’ soon.

NIGHT of the JUMPs want to provide the riders the correct tools so they can do their jobs in a safe manner.  With the new ramps, comes updated landings.  In Berlin on February 22/23 2019, the first 5 metre high landing will be installed to cater for the new ramps.  It will also make the standard ramps feel better to land on, and also allow the riders to get more amplitude out of the Quarter Pipes with less impact on landing.  Potentially seeing all new Quarter Pipe tricks as well.

What will we see in 2019?  Time will only tell once the riders begin getting used to the new ramps and experimenting with old and new tricks alike.   One thing we know for sure, with the new additions to the course, this gives the opportunity for another rider who feels comfortable with these new ramps to step up and battle for the World Championship in 2019, like a young Luc Ackermann did in 2018.  

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