This Sunday we find out who is the first ever e-FMX World Champion AND we have a Brand-New Battle to finish! FMX Best Trick.

It is a 3-way showdown between the three best FMX players on the all new TiMX : This is Motocross mobile game, part of the new NIGHT of the JUMPs eSport series between Pat Bowden (AUS), Matej Cesak (CZE) and Pedro Moreno (ESP).

After a draw between the battle in the Semi-Final between Matej and Pedro, they both go into the Final to battle against Pat Bowden, to see who is the best professional FMX rider out of the 16 invited riders from around the world.

But to make the final episode even better, the team from Aussie Adrenaline, have built another brand-new level inside the game, with one objective. To see who can do the BEST TRICK from the Super Duper Moon Booter. The ramp is massive, and requires a roll-in to get enough speed for riders to try land their biggest tricks.

With potential for Quadruple Backflips, or combinations with 360’s, Front Flips, Body Varials – it will be an interesting Best Trick competition with old riders returning from the Freestyle series, and a couple of new faces, including Josh Sheehan, Taka Higashino, Maikel Melero and Nick Ivankov. Riders from outside the series also were invited to join, including England’s Samson Eaton and Australia’s newest 13 year old young-gun – Ry Hazell who is also one of the 5 judges as the young generation to give his opinion on the gaming competition.

Joining Ry in the Judges hot seat, is the regular IFMXF World Champion judge, Fabian Bauersachs. Also judging is the Captain of the World Team at the Freestyle of Nations and Head Course Builder at Red Bull Dirt Diggers, Jamie Squibb. 4-time X Games Gold Medallist in Step Up and Legend of the Sport, Matt Buyten. One-half of the Spanish Tandem FMX team and captain of the Lleides team, Antonio Navas will give their opinions on the best Freestyle MX runs inside the TiMX game.

With the holiday celebrations in the middle of our normal viewing times, we have pushed the Grand Final back one day, to Sunday night, 21:00 CET (UTC+1). You can watch either on the NOTJ or Extreme’s Facebook pages. Check for your local Time Zone.

With the support of FC Moto, the entire series is being streamed live for free on Facebook. In fact, the game is also Free to Play.

If you would like to watch the previous Qualifying and Quarter Final episodes to see what all the fuss is about in eSports for Freestyle Motocross, you can tune in here:

Quarter Final:

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Press Area:

You can download each 1-minute clip from Teamplace!

NIGHT of the JUMPs and Teamplace have teamed up to make it easier for distributing all of this video content. We are using Teamplace to create the entire video, between the riders, the commentator and video production teams. In the middle of the Covid-19 change to work-flow, this has been an incredibly good time to begin this new work structure.

Teamplace e-FMX World Championship folder access:

Big News – Want to play this special level?

What is even cooler, now it is possible for VIP members to be able to play this special track which has been designed purely for this eSports competition.

All you need to do is become a Gold VIP, and with all of the other benefits including a Weekly Salary of 20,000 coins, No Ads, Unlimited Fuel and Scrub Energy, you also get the first rides on ‘Early Access’ tracks!

You can play for free here: