Freestyle of Nations Rider Invites - read by World Champion, David Rinaldo 😂😂😂

Don't be as confused about the Teams in the first major competition of 2021 as Maxime Gregoire!

Tune in to find out who's riding for Team France, Germany and Spain at the Freestyle of Nations in Basel, Switzerland on September 25th inside the St. Jakobshalle!

Maybe even Maxime can meet the new Skateboarding X Games gold medallist Luc Ackermann and Juventus star, Edgar Torronteras 😂😂😂

Team France

David Rinaldo

Maxime Gregoire

Rémi Bizouard

Team Germany

Luc Ackermann

Hannes Ackermann

Kai Haase

Team Spain

Maikel Melero

Edgar Torronteras

Marc Pinyol

Grab your tickets here:

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