Four World Champions to compete at the first FMX competition in Europe at Freestyle of Nations

The world's longest running Freestyle Motocross sports series is back. NIGHT of the JUMPs will return to Basel on September 25, 2021 with the first FMX competition in Europe after the lockdown. To celebrate this event, there is a premiere for Swiss freestyle fans. For the first time in Switzerland, the athletes will compete against each other in teams. The Freestyle of Nations will see reigning champions, Germany versus France vs. Switzerland, with four FMX world champions in the field of riders across the 3 teams.

Team Germany will be led by Luc Ackermann, the nine-time world record holder, double backflipper, European and World Champion and now X Games 2021 Gold medallist. He is supported by the Berlin FMX Hero and Nose-bonk Front Flipper, Kai Haase. Of course, the four-time German FMX champion and Nac-Nac Front Flipper, Hannes Ackermann will be there to create a strong team.

The French team will debut in Switzerland with not one, but two World Champions: David Rinaldo and three-time World Champion, Remi Bizouard. Rounding out the different styles of the French team is the Flair Master, Maxime Gregoire who brings a completely different bag of tricks to the French line-up.

With more World Championship titles than any other team, held by one man, Team Spain will be captained by the record setting Maikel Melero who collected his 5 World Championship medals in a row. Team Spain also boasts one of the Original FMX riders who started the entire sport of Freestyle Motocross, the legend who has more X Games appearances than the rest of the field in Switzerland, Edgar Torronteras is ready to show why he has one of the biggest whips in the world. The Spanish body varial whiz-kid who created the Inside Roll, will also return to competition in 2021, with Marc Pinyol ready to take the win for his country of birth.

It won’t just be about the petrol guzzling two-wheeled machines who will fight for points at the Freestyle of Nations. Each team will be assigned a Mountain Bike Freestyle rider who will also battle for the important Nations points in the Best Trick contest. With some of the world’s best riders including David Godziek from Poland who has won pretty much everything there is to be won. Nico Scholze, Maik Bohm, Leon Binckebanck and Leopold Erhardt will show what some of the best German riders can do inside the St. Jakobshalle.

However the Basel audience will be especially looking forward to their Swiss comrade, Lucas Huppert who will make his debut at NIGHT of the JUMPs. The best Swiss MTB rider will be sure to fire out all of his best tricks in front of his home crowd.

In the Freestyle of Nations, each team collects points for the team rating in various contests.

In addition to the Freestyle of Nations Contest, in which the athletes present their eight best tricks in 90 seconds, there are four other competitions:

• In the Best Whip Contest, all riders will fly through the arena at the same time, turning their bikes upside down, inside out and back to front.

• In the Synchro competition, each nation presents two athletes who present their toughest tricks as synchronously as possible.

• In the Best Trick Contest, a rider from every country throws out their most difficult trick.

• Since every FMX team has a mountain bike rider, the MTB athletes are also included in the contest for the first time and are not just spectacular side-show. You can expect cashrolls, front flips, double back flips and much more on the MTB’s as well.

The nation with the most points at the end is the winner of the NIGHT of the JUMPs World Team Championship.


NIGHT of the JUMPs / Freestyle of Nations

September 25, 2021

St. Jakobshalle Basel / Switzerland

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