First ever eSport series in Freestyle Motocross to start this Saturday with e-FMX World Championship

October 27, 2020: NIGHT of the JUMPs and TiMX have partnered to bring the most exciting World Championship competition series to life in virtual form, with 16 of the best Freestyle Motocross riders from all corners of the globe in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, Live Streaming this Saturday night at 7:00pm CET (UTC+1) on NOTJ Facebook.

While it’s impossible to host the World Championships in person in one of the beautiful cities such as Berlin, Zurich or Sao Paolo, we can instead bring together the 16 best riders in the world first eSport series for FMX, the e-FMX World Championships.

The all new TiMX : This is Motocross game has been released on Android and iOS in beta, and while in the middle of testing and almost ready for full release to the world, some of the biggest names in motocross have joined to show their best FMX runs in digital form.

Riders include the only person to ever Triple Backflip a dirt bike, and current record holder for the longest wheelie in Donnybrook, Western Australia, Josh Sheehan. Sheeny will go up against the young-gun from Victoria on the East Coast of Australia who is working feverishly on becoming the next rider to land a Triple Backflip, Jayo Archer.

Two of NIGHT of the JUMPs regular World Championship judges will be going head to head against each other in perhaps the biggest grudge match of the season, Jose Miralles (ESP) and Massimo Bianconcini (ITA). In real life, Massimo has the advantage over Jose with 5 World Championship wins in Highest Air, however Jose is far more suited to gaming, having been in the top 50 on the old mobile game, Mad Skills. In this match-up, Massimo will find out if Jose is able to bring those skills across to the new game of TiMX.

Pat Bowden, also hailing from Australia appears to have been digitally sucked into the game with his very own character looking exactly as Pat does IRL. Even more uncanny, is the movement of each of Pat’s normal competition winning tricks look exactly the same as Pat does in the real world scenario.

Dallan Goldman will be representing South Africa for the first time at NIGHT of the JUMPs (in either digital or real format), while Erick Ruiz and Fred Kyrillos will also go head to head and there will be no love lost between the Brazilian and the Mexican.

NIGHT of the JUMPs have teamed up with Extreme, who after 25 years in the Extreme Sports business are innovating the social media space and will be the social media partner, hosting each episode from the Extreme Facebook page.

The first ever Virtual Sport competition would not be possible without the forward thinking of FC Moto, the global powerhouse Online Store for all things Motocross, Mountain Bike and Outdoor gear. Not only is FC Moto supporting the creation of the production, but also supporting the development of the game in the years to come.

Fans will vote for their favourite players in each of the head to head matchups, directly on NIGHT of the JUMPs Facebook Polls, with the winner going through to the next round of competition.

NIGHT of the JUMPs / TiMX : This is Motocross / Aussie Adrenaline LiveStream Locations - NIGHT of the JUMPs Facebook ( Extreme Facebook (

First 8 riders Head to Head Match-ups:

· Josh Sheehan (AUS)

· Jayo Archer (AUS)

· Pat Bowden (AUS)

· Dallan Goldman (RSA)

· Jose Miralles (ESP)

· Massimo Bianconcini (ITA)

· Erick Ruiz (MEX)

· Fred Kyrillos (BRA)

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