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Double Victory Luc Ackermann

Luc Ackermann scores a Double Win in China to expand his World Championship lead

Daqing, August 25th 2019:  On Sunday, NIGHT of the JUMPs turned up the heat on the second day of competition at the Freestyle Motocross World Championship in Daqing, China. The nine riders who competed on Day 1 returned to do battle on the second day at the Daqing Racing Car Town, where a further 20 points were up for grabs in the World Championship points standings. To secure the points at the 7th round of competition, the riders had to firstly survive the preliminary round.

Unfortunately again, Hannes Ackermann, Hitoshi Takahashi and Brice Izzo weren’t able to make it through to the final. Hannes suffered a major crash the previous day and showed true commitment to putting on a show, that he overcame painful injuries to impress the Chinese crowd. Hitoshi changed up his run and was rewarded with more points. However, Hitoshi missed out on the full points in the Double-Up when he was judged to be out of time and was the reason he wasn’t able to progress to the final on the second night. Brice Izzo was only 7 points behind Edgar Torronteras and missed the final, which cemented the Spaniard’s two finals berths in his debut at the World Championships with NIGHT of the JUMPs.

The Berliner, Kai Haase had a very successful trip to Daqing after placing fourth and fifth at his most successful NIGHT of the JUMPs campaigns, climbing to sixth place in the overall standings. The results were repeated with Filip Podmol who is the younger brother of the 2010 World Champion, Libor Podmol, as he landed a podium position on Saturday and a fourth position on Sunday. With his recent results, Filip is now sitting in 5th overall in the World Championship leadership fight.

It then came down to the duel of the best three riders of the weekend. Maikel Melero had to start in third position after his qualifying round. Despite the Flair Crash the day before, the five-time World Champion decided to go for a ‘safe run’ to secure the much-needed championship points. Maikel left out the Quarter Pipe and California Roll. Landing a no-hand Front Flip in the Double-Up, the reigning champion secured a solid third position and received 16 points in the World Champion standings. 

Piecing together a run of unique tricks with perfect extension and style, the multiple X Games medallist from the USA was clearly having fun on the course in China. With a perfect Cliffhanger Flip, Double Grab Flip to join his unique tricks of Turntable No Hander, McMetz to Clicker and Highlighter Indy, Adam earned 10 points more than the Spanish World Champion to take second place.

With Jones taking the Hot-Seat, the last rider was again the FMX Terminator, Luc Ackermann. With his aggressive style, he landed the Front Flip, Flair, 360 Nac and Surfer Tsunami Flip in his run, before stomping a perfect Double Backflip in the Double-Up. With the thousands of Chinese fans cheering for Luc, he would walk away with a maximum yield of 40 points from the two rounds of competition in Daqing, China and extended his lead over Melero with 9 points.

Luc Ackermann on the successful weekend: "There were two incredible perfect runs here in Daqing. I made a small lead. That's good for me, but I still have to stay focused. It's going to be hard work because Maikel will push it on at the next NIGHT of the JUMPs."

In three weeks, NIGHT of the JUMPs returns to the BarclayCard Arena in Hamburg with the special World Team Challenge.Team Germany will be captained by Luc Ackermann as they attempt to defend their title from 2018. December 14th will be the final round of the World Championship at NIGHT of the JUMPs in the Armeec Arena, Sofia. This gives Maikel Melero some time to go home and try learn some new tricks to beat Luc and attempt to make history with 6 consecutive World Championship titles. 

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