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1st permanent FMX Compound in China

Daqing / China. With the 6th round of the Freestyle MX World Championship in China another milestone is set by the NIGHT of the JUMPs. Together with the Chinese Partner Beijing Mitime Sports and the local initiative Daqing Racing City, the first permanent Freestyle Motocross compound was built to give Chinese riders a chance to train on approved ramps and landings. 

This weekend a field of selected riders will compete in Daqing Racing City for the Freestyle MX World Championship. After 5 rounds in Berlin 2x, Munich 2x and Zurich Luc Ackermann and five time World Champion from Spain Maikel Melero are favorites for this years title. 

Besides the two main contenders Edgar Torronteras gives his premiere at a NIGHT of the JUMPs. Edgar is in the sport of Freestyle since 2001 when the IFMXF was founded and helt the first NIGHT of the JUMPs in Riesa Germany. Hitoshi Takahashi from Japan is another great talent from Japan joining the biggest global Freestyle Motocross Competition series.

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